Ellen Harvelle (roadhouse_mama) wrote in plentyofroom,
Ellen Harvelle

Second round - carnival time!

Who: Ellen Harvelle & ?
Where: The Carnival, the shooting gallery specifically
When: midday
What: Ellen's having a bit of fun, and bugging a friend - come admire her shooting skills, or critique them?

But that hadn't stopped Ellen from picking off every target easily once she adjusted her aim. The carnival had been something of a surprise, and once she was satisfied there was nothing overtly nefarious, she took a little time to test out her aim.

A stack of stuffed bears, dolls and random kitch that she'd won lay on the runner board in front of her. Ellen quirked a grin and had them all delivered to Bobby Singer's room. That should get his attention.
Tags: *complete, character: bobby singer, character: ellen harvelle, character: sam winchester, place: carnival
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