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Well It Ain't Quite Flying

Who: Malcolm Reynolds and Open
Where: Garage
When: After the Julian fiasco in the hospital
What: Mal decides he's going to learn to drive.

Mal descended the stairs in a sullen mood. He'd missed the action AGAIN! Some doctor was found bleeding and unconscious so he was taken to the infirmary where he woke up and caused even more damage. He broke one girl's ribs, almost killed Jack, and messed up another man's jaw. Mal only knew this because he had agreed to donate blood. The girl with the broken ribs, Martha, was the pretty doctor who took his blood and then gave him orange juice and a cookie.

He was happy to help out he supposed, but giving blood was so passive. Maybe he'd call on someone to spar with him in teh future. NOt that Mal ever really sparred. He was more of a bar brawler. He missed fighting. Sparring would have to do.

He looked in the workroom for Kaylee, but she wasn't around. He sighed heavily and turned to the rows upon rows of combustion engined vehicles. "Driving one of these can't be that hard," he grinned silently as he made his way through the rows. He settled on a red machine without a top. He hopped over the side into the driver's seat and stared at the controls. Mal, never being one to think to look for instruction manuals started pushing buttons. Nothing really happened until he hit the horn. He jumped at the sound and then grinned and hit it again.Maybe I can get Kaylee to install one of these on Serenity. Not that people will hear it out in the black... he thought.

Finally he found the key and turned it. The car sputtered to life. His foot accidently found the gas pedal and pushed it. The car made a vrooooooommmm sound, but otherwise did nothing. "Well that's disappointing" he yelled to the ceiling.
Tags: *complete, character: bobby singer, character: malcolm reynolds, place: garage, post: open
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