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S.S. Winchester

Who is involved in the thread: Sam Winchester, Bobby Singer and Dean Winchester
Where the thread takes place: Garage
When the thread takes place: Early evening and after This
A brief summary of the thread: Sam goes to find Dean to talk. Bobby comes as back up a Mediator

After having a conversation with Bobby over the messenger, Sam though that it was time that he went to find his brother and they could have a talk. Sam hadn't seen Dean since he arrived. He knew that Dean hadn't taken Sam's arrival very well and Sam knew that his brother was upset at the fact that Sam had said yes to Lucifer. Sam couldn't blame him for being upset as Dean was from a time before Sam so he didn't know the full story surrounding Sam's decision.

Sam hated being at odds with his brother and he thought that all of the dirty laundry had to be laid out. He needed to tell Dean exactly what had gone on. Sam was sure that Dean would have done the same thing if the roles were reversed. One life in exchange for millions of others. It had been a small sacrifice to make.

Sam didn't expect that this conversation he was about to have with his brother would result in weapons being drawn but Sam would admit that he thought about leaving his gun and knife behind just in case but Sam couldn't bring himself to leave his weapons of choice behind. He always carried them with him and leaving them behind made him feel exposed and vunerable.

Sam left his room in search of the lobby where Bobby said he'd meet him. With a few wrong turns later, Sam finally manage to stumble upon the lobby as he waited for Bobby.
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