wicked_west (wicked_west) wrote in plentyofroom,

To Rid Herself of a Witch

Who: Elphaba Thropp, Ford Prefect, Bobby Singer and possibly Dean Winchester?
When: The day after this discussion with Ford and an hour after this exchange with Bobby on the network
Where: Elphie's room: 410
What: Elphie discusses options of getting the Witch to go away.

Elphie sat on her bed looking nervous. She had taken all of the Witch stuff out of the wardrobe and laid it on the desk. Her Grimmerie, the seeing glass, the broom, her clothes. Anything Witchy was there.

She wanted the Witch gone more than anything in the world. But she knew Ford would be unhappy if that involved her being gone too. Oh how she hoped there was a way to do this without her getting hurt.

"I really hope he has something that works" she told Ford as she stared at the open door.
Tags: *complete, character: bobby singer, character: elphaba thropp, character: ford prefect, place: hotel room, post: closed
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