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Welcome to Hotel California Mr. Winchester. We do hope you will enjoy your stay

Who: Sam Winchester and (open)
Where: The Chapel
When: Early Evening
What: Arrival post

Sam woke, sitting up quickly, his arms shooting out as if he were fending off an attack as he gasped, his lungs greedily breathing in the air. He felt as though he had just been startled out of a nightmare. As Sam struggled to find his breath, he looked around carefully, his senses adjusting to his surroundings.

Once Sam felt able, he brought himself to his feet as he continued to look around. He was sitting on a pew in what appeared to be a Chapel. Sam was the only occupant in the room and the only noise around him was the sound of his own staggered breathing.

“Where the hell am I?” Sam asked out loud to himself, flinching slightly at cursing in the Lord's house. He took a moment to think back, trying to remember how he ended up here. He remembered being in The Stull Cemetery. He remember fighting Lucifer as he tried to regain control of his body. He remembered watching Lucifer beat up on his brother after killing everyone he had held close to him.

Sam clearly remembered the feeling of taking control back from Lucifer. Lucifer put up a strong fight but Sam was able to push him down, even if it was for only a few minutes as that was all it took to open the door to the cage and jump in.

Sam could remember the first couple of days, or at least, what felt like days in the cage with Lucifer. Sam had made Dean promise that if Sam was successful at getting the Devil back into his cage, that Dean would not try to break him out. The minute that Sam got into the cage, he regretted making Dean promise that. However, on the other hand, Sam hoped that Dean did as he was promised. This was Sam's decision and if being stuck in the cage was the only way to save billions of people from death, then so be it.

“Dean?” Sam called out to the empty space around him, his eyes focusing on the door. Approaching it carefully, he stood behind it as he tested the handle, expecting it to be locked. When the door opened, Sam pushed it open, keeping his back to the wall as he peered out carefully. Seeing nothing, he walked out of the room quietly, and stood in the hallway, never taking his back off of the wall.

Sam couldn’t say that he was surprised by what was going on. It wasn’t the first time and sadly, it probably wouldn’t be the last. This could be the work of a demon or it could even be a djinn, or any other number of supernatural beings. Whatever it was, Sam intended to find it and kill it before it could harm him, his brother or any one else.
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