wicked_west (wicked_west) wrote in plentyofroom,

Legendary Books

Who: Elphaba, Dean, Bobby
Where: Library
When: Just after Elphie kisses Ford, but before the monkey disappears.
What: Dean and Bobby come across Elphie reading a long lost Earth book.

Elphie was happy, and perhaps a little giddy. She had to keep her mind off Ford somehow... though that was rather impossible with Chistery chanting "Hoopy, hoopy!" every chance he got. She looked around her room, her eyes falling on the Grimmerie. Translating her way through that would definitely keep her busy.

She picked it up and headed to the library with Chistery in tow. Upon reaching the library, she found some books that looked like they would be good for toddler. They were made out of some thing sturdy and had brightly painted pictures. She handed them to Chistery along with a banana and sat down opposite him with the Grimmerie and a notebook and pen and started thumbing through the book.
Tags: character: bobby singer, character: dean winchester, character: elphaba thropp, place: library, post: closed
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