Buffy Anne Summers (first_summers) wrote in plentyofroom,
Buffy Anne Summers

Hunters of a Different Variety

Who: Buffy Summers, Spike, & Bobby Singer
When: Evening
Where: Library
What: The Vampire & Vampire Slayer meet the Hunter.

Buffy was sprawled sideways in one of the oversized armchairs tucked away in the corner of the library, her legs dangling over the side as she perused a musty text on 19th century weaponry. There was a stack of similar books beside her, some with bits of paper stuck into them as bookmarks, and a notebook beside them was open to page covered in scribbles and sketches of various types of blades.

Pausing between page turns to take sips from her bottle of Diet Coke, the blonde Slayer was lost in her quest to find new toys for when they one day escaped the Hellton and got back to their normal, not at all boring lives.
Tags: character: bobby singer, character: buffy summers, character: spike, place: library, post: closed
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