Dawn Summers (littlesummers) wrote in plentyofroom,
Dawn Summers

Catching Some Rays

Who: Dawn and whoever stumbles across her
When: Late morning
What: Dawn rediscovers her Cali girl roots
Where: Hotel Grounds

Armed with her discman, a book, a beach towel, a bottle of sunscreen, another of water, and an over sized pair of Prada sunglasses courtesy of Pam, Dawn was prepared for a long standing Californian girl past time. She was going to spend her afternoon sunbathing. Skipping down the front steps of the hotel, she walked out a ways into the softer sand before laying down her towel.

Once she shed her demin shorts and tank top, slathered on her coconut scented tanning lotion, and had Sugar Ray blasting over her headphones, she could close her eyes and almost pretend she was on the beach in Southern California, not in the endless desert of the Hotel Calfornia.

With this happy bit of denial firmly in mind, and her book forgotten next to her in the sand, Dawn let herself drift away.
Tags: character: bobby singer, character: dawn summers, place: hotel grounds, post: open
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