Dean Winchester (raised_fromhell) wrote in plentyofroom,
Dean Winchester


Who: Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer
Where: The Garage
When: Late Evening
What: Following the arrival of Alice, Dean loses his cool and takes it out on the wrecks in the garage. Bobby goes in search for his missing truck.

The jarring sensation of striking the crowbar against the back of the ruined Pontiac didn't phase Dean in the slightest.

He'd apologize to Kaylee later for ruining a perfectly good trunk door. Right now, he was going to pommel it into submission...because he couldn't very well hunt down the son of a bitches who ran this prison and ventilate them, now could he? 

Another girl. BANG! Even younger than Dawn. BANG! The monsters who kept them there were sadistic. BANG!

Nearly a year now. BANG! Trapped here. BANG! 

No clues. BANG!

No leads. BANG!

Sam needed him. BANG!


"AUGH!" Dean roared as he struck the trunk again, a hole had opened up under his relentless torture. The trunk now matched the hood, where a Cardassian ray gun had blown clean through the block. A sheen of sweat covered his skin and his breath blew out pass his lips in angry puffs. He wanted to go home. He had a job to do. He had his brother to look out for. He had to stop the war. Six billion people depended on him not fucking up all over again.

He had to save these people too.

Dean put his back to the car, the crowbar falling on the floor with a loud clatter. After a minute he sank down onto the cool garage floor to sit with his head against the Pontiac's bumper. He pressed his hands to his forehead and tried to do anything but think.

He really wanted a bottle of Walker to crawl into.
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