Dr. Temperance Brennan (dr_tbrennan) wrote in plentyofroom,
Dr. Temperance Brennan

All work and no play... [OTA]

Who: Temperance Brennan
Where: Library
When: A day or so after this.
What: Unable to find Booth and not sure what else to do, Brennan decides to go to the library to try to do some research on the hotel.

She had knocked on Booth's hotel room door for a good few minutes before giving up. It was surprising to her that he had already gone off on his own. Or at least that's what she assumed. She hadn't just hallucinated him being here had she? No, he had written on the hotel network, so other people had interacted with him.

Wandering around the hotel hadn't helped her much either. As far a she could tell, he was nowhere to be found. She knew Booth could easily take care of himself, but she was still getting a little worried. Eventually she found herself in the vast hotel library and began picking out books that she thought might be able to help them figure out what was going on here.

So now she was sitting with tall stacks on all sides of her, wading through books on physics, history, computer science and even mysticism. Of course it will be when she is knee-deep in a book on the paranormal when Booth will show up just in time to tease her about it.  At least that's what she was hoping anyway.
Tags: character: the doctor/handy, place: library, post: open
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