Handy (bluesuit_handy) wrote in plentyofroom,

EVENT: Part Deux: The nerd patrol meets a vampire

Who: Topher, Handy, and Eric
Where: The first floor
When: Immediately after the events of this thread.
What: Handy and Topher are looking for someone with super powers to test a theory while the power is out. They find Eric.

Handy led the way down the stairs and into the lobby. If anything, it was even colder down there than it had been in the hallway on the second floor. It was certainly colder than his room had been. No matter, though--at the moment, finding someone who wasn't an average human and getting them to check and see if their powers had returned with the loss of power to the hotel was his first priority.

"Alright back there?" he asked Topher, turning to glance at him over his shoulder. Also a priority was making sure Topher didn't have a(nother) panic attack, but his friend seemed to be doing well so far.
Tags: character: the doctor/handy, event: power outage fun, place: lobby, post: open
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