Ellen Harvelle (roadhouse_mama) wrote in plentyofroom,
Ellen Harvelle

First Round

Who Ellen Harvelle and.. you!
Where She's wandering the hotel, random encounter time!
What Ellen wakes up someplace very different
When Early morning

Ellen stirred to wakefulness with a pounding headache and a dry mouth. She rolled onto her back, flinging an arm over her eyes.

As much as she wanted to sleep, the only way to cure the hangover and be ready to hit the road with Jo and the boys was to get her feet on the floor and get moving. A hot shower, at least half a pot of the wonderfully strong coffee that Bobby brewed and she’d be..

Where the hell was she? This wasn’t any room she remembered, especially at Bobby’s place. Ellen whipped the blankets off, adrenaline spiking and cutting through the haze in her head as she quickly assessed the room and what she had on her. The knife was concealed under her jacket, the shotgun in the leather satchel she slung across her body.

She had to find the boys. She had to find Bobby.
She had to find her daughter.
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