notrosesshadow (notrosesshadow) wrote in plentyofroom,

Keeping Vigil

Who: Martha Jones, Bobby Singer, Handy, Jack Harkness?
Where: The Lab
When: Directly after the chaotic Save Handy thread.
What: Martha keeps vigil over Handy. Bobby watches.

"Could you please tell Jack we've calmed the Doctor down?" she asked the two men as they left.

Once they were gone she looked to Bobby. "It's going to take a few hours at least," she murmured. "He'll be fine once the drug is out of his system... whatever it is." She looked to Handy again. "I'm normally not this crazy," she added as an afterthought, keeping her eyes on Handy.

[OOC: I added the three most likely players to enter this thread. If you don't want your character in there, let me know and I'll take him out.]
Tags: *complete, character: bobby singer, character: jack harkness, character: martha jones, character: the doctor/handy, place: medical facility, post: closed
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