Winifred 'Fred' Burkle (geniushero) wrote in plentyofroom,
Winifred 'Fred' Burkle

brave new world

Who:​ ​ Winifred 'Fred' Burkle
When: Late afternoon
Where: The Lobby
What:  Fred arrives at the hotel, confused and unsure if she's dead or not.

Winifred Burkle couldn’t remember what had happened to her or even why she was here. All she could remember was bits of pieces of it, like puzzle with a couple of pieces missing to it. All that Fred could remember was a mysterious sarcophagus had made it to the Science Division laboratory at Wolfram and Hart and she had examined it. 

Fred remembers how intercrit the designs are on the sarcophagus and how she thinks that the sarcophagus itself is from long ago. She also remembers when she examined it a hole opened up in the cover and a breath of wind blew right into her face. 

She remembers saying she’s fine and spending a moment with Wesley, oh her dear Wesley...

Than what? She remembers the melodious voice of Lorne singing to her and then herself singing but, than...suddenly her body was convulsing and she coughed up blood. Fred could remember the metallic taste of it forming in her throat and coughing it up. Then she remembers falling and someone catching her. Someone had saved her from falling down the stairs but, she can’t remember who it is.

Suddenly, she awakens somewhere she knows that is definitely not Los Angeles or Wolfram and Hart, for that matter. She wonders if she’s dreaming because she’s standing in what seems to be the middle of a desert. “Great, I must be in some of alternate dimension and it’s definitely not Pylea.” Fred looks around to see if any of her friends are there with her but, she seems to be alone in the middle of nowhere.

She is so hot and yet she isn’t going to give up, she has to find some shelter. Looking not too far away in the distance, she sees a light and her curiosity takes over.

Winifred heads towards the light and when she gets there, she realizes it’s what appears to be an abandoned building of some sort, she is reminded of the Hyperion hotel, her home and it comes to hit her, she needs to get back or something is going to happen.

“Do not be afraid, Ms. Burkle,” says a voice that Fred does not recognize. She looks around as she notices the door way into the building is open and the voice is coming from within inside. 

“We have been expecting you, please don’t be afraid.”

Taking a deep breath, Fred steps inside the building and the door closes behind her. She knows in her heart, that somehow she is trapped. “Welcome to the Hotel California, Winifred,” says the voice as Fred looks around the lobby.

Tags: character: bobby singer, character: fred burkle, place: lobby
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